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The idea with VÄNDIS is to enable and create opportunities for inspiring story telling. We want to bring fantasy to life, surprise and investigate new ways of playing and telling exciting stories to children as well as adults.

Our first collection is the reversible characters Bälgen (otcamoose), Spugglan (Ghowl), Kattofanten(Catophant) and Gubbaninen (Mabbit). We call them VÄNDIS. Each figure has two characters, one on each side. When you tell a story it is very enjoyable to be able to alternate between different characters. Hey, why don't you try yourself!

VÄNDIS is just the beginning of a long lasting love story. We will continue to study, investigate and develop the reversible concept and our brand VÄNDIS. So keep your heads up because things will be turned up side down!

VÄNDIS is created and designed by Studio Frankness AB. Studio Frankness is a design studio that was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden by Gittan Schiöld and Sara Tunheden.

VÄNDIS is manufactured in Lithuania and is CE-branded.